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And how is that?  Because it isn't based on words and beliefs that only work for one specific group of people like members of a religion or political party or those of one color or another.  It's the language all hearts speak and respond to - love, and not just humans, but everything that lives responds and flourishes when touched with love.  The dog shown here was abandoned and the 3 year old orangutan was sad and lonely.  They are totally different physically but now they are best friends, joined together with love.   

And just like us, animals feel grief when they lose someone they love.  The photo on the left is of the Orca Tahlequah shown here pushing her dead baby.  She was so sad after her baby died that she pushed it along with her for a week and over a thousand miles with other members of her Orca family helping before she let it go to sink to the bottom of the ocean. 


The next picture is of a loving human who helped a sick swan get better so she could re-unite with her mate.  Click on the image to see the video of the two swans getting back together again. 

Love is a special glue that creates a bond in everything that lives, not just humans.  And from what Anita, Mary and Eben reported about the non-physical dimension they went to where they were healed and raised from being dead with miracles, love is the only language spoken on the other side of our physical world. 

Spirituality is a way of life, a way of relating to ourselves and others in the world around us.  It's so simple.  Instead of living from a space of greed and only going after what we want without concern for anybody else, we live in a way that brings the greatest good not just for ourselves, but all those who will be affected by the decisions we make.  


What we share here is what you might call the 'owner's manual' for spirituality.  This is the guide that shows us what we are and what we will become and how to get there.  The whole point is to be the best we can be and live a rewarding and happy life filled with lots of love.     

Donations help us bring more and people into a big human family working together to achieve the same goal - living a great life and becoming all of which we are capable.  It's all about bringing more love into our lives and learning to co-operate even with our differences and learn we are all part of the same family.  There's too much hate in the world and we need to do our share to help uplift and bring love into our own lives and the lives of all those we touch.

The button below will take you directly to the Donorbox site where you can donate with complete security.  Thank you for your help to make a difference here in our beautiful world.  

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